Thursday, May 16th
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From 2K to 10K Monthly Revenue in 5 Steps

Recently, one our BrandSite members, Kendra Dahlstrom, went from 2K/month to 10K/month in revenue using a simple replicable process she developed to GENERATE HIGH QUALITY LEADS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. For the first time ever, Kendra will be revealing her 5 step process you can use to generate high quality leads and sales, even if you don’t have a big marketing budget. 

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May 16 10am PST










What You’ll Learn in This Free Training…

The 5 Step model to unlock leads and sales (even if you don’t have a big marketing budget

Do you feel out of control not knowing where you next lead or sale will come from?

This can be debilitating and represents the top reason most start ups fail within the first few years of business. Come learn as Kendra Dahlstrom reveals for the first time ever the 5 step process she used to go from 2K to 10K monthly within 4 months!

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From 2K to 10K Monthly Revenue in 5 Easy Steps

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