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Integration With Google Platforms

Get connected to Google Analytics, and Google Search Console to see how your website performs.


Improve Loading Speed

Keep your visitors longer by making your website faster with our optimizations.


Get Schema Markup Created 

Get your website coded so Google knows how to index your whole website.


Key Word Research  

Have our SEO experts plan and strategize your websites keywords to get you ranking.

Get Reports And Strategy 

Get reports on your SEO progress and get expert advice on what can best help your website rank further.

Google My Business

Get your business listed on Google My Business and have it’s info show up on google maps.

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Initial SEO Set Up
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Website Integrations With Google

Key Word Incorporation

Improve Website Speed

Description and Title Writing

Schema Markup

Results Report

Google Platforms We Integrate

Google Analytics:

Your website data will be collected that way you can see what your users behavior is like.

Google Search Console:

This reports your website’s performance on Google, letting you know how high your webpages rank, and what key words they rank for.

Google My Business:

Shows your business on google maps, sets up your phone number, your work hours, your address, shows reviews for your company, links to your website. It’s just a all-round good way to get more traffic to your website.

Key Words


 We will be researching keywords that are realistic for your website to rank for, or grow into ranking for. The plan is that we can find keywords that will actually give the website enough views on Google to start getting visits.

Keyword Insertion:

We will go through your website and code your keywords on your pages and on your images. If you don’t program your keywords you will probably only rank for your websites name if you are lucky.

Indexed By Google:

After we program the keywords we will submit the pages to Google to index the webpages so they actually start showing up in search results. If you don’t do this it is much harder to show up in the listings on Google, You need to let Google’s Indexing Spiders know where to find your website.

What’s The Investment?

How much is it costing you to have a website that makes you look small and compete small? Are you purposely not sending potential customers to your site because you’re embarrassed? How many more clients do you think you would have right now if you looked like a million dollar brand, if you could clearly and effectively communicate the life transformation that your service creates and if you could automatically collect and nurture leads into customers?

We’ve created an easy investment structure that gives small businesses the benefits of a million dollar brand site AND that completely removes the risk of spending thousands and thousands of dollars upfront.

Loading Speed

Why Is It Important?

 First of all your websites loading speed an make or break your website traffic. Studies show that 40% of website visitors abandon loading your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. It also makes Google look better when your website loads fast so they prioritize faster websites in their search rankings.

Schema Markup

What is Schema?

Schema markup is website coding that is hidden in the header of you web pages. The purpose of having Schema markup is for when Google’s indexing spiders crawl to your website you can communicate to them what you want them to know about your website. Instead of making the spiders guess about your website, you tell them where to find all of your web pages, how to categorize, and show case your website.

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Before we created BrandSites we originally started out as a Marketing Consulting Agency called Success Engine. Focusing on helping small businesses Automate their burdensome processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What's included with my BrandSite?
Your professionally designed BrandSite will make you look like a million dollar brand, and also includes the following:

1. Premium WordPress Hosting
2. SSL Certificate
3. Website Updates
4. Website Backups
5. High Converting Copy Framework
6. Infusionsoft capture and nurture campaign to collect and follow up automatically with leads from your site
7. Professional Website Image Optimization for initial release
8. Professional Website Copy Revision for initial release

Q: Will I be able to make changes to my BrandSite after it goes live?
Yes! Your BrandSite will be built on WordPress and will include an amazing Visual Builder that allows you to click and drag to easily add or edit elements to your page.
Q: How long will the whole process take?
Our mission is to deliver sites that make small businesses look like million dollar brands in 30 days or less.

But ultimately how long it takes will depend on how quickly you’re able to provide us with your copy, images, and other information we’ll need from you.

Q: Can I use my own domain name?
Yes, you will definitely want to use your own custom domain name for your BrandSite.
Q: How does my domain name get connected with my new BrandSite?
We will set it all up for you. All you need to do is register the domain name at your favorite domain name registrar (GoDaddy.com, NameCheap.com, etc).
Q: Will this affect my existing email?
No. If you already have email working at your domain name that you want to use for your BrandSite, that will continue to work just fine.
Still have questions? Call us at (480) 351-1999 ext 103