The Main Problems Small Business Face Online

Regardless of how amazing your offer actually is, you will hit up against one of these problems small business face if you are just starting out. So here at BrandSites we have created solutions for these issues so you can start your business successfully no matter what problems your business faces.

Problem #1: If your target market doesn’t believe you’re “the real deal” almost immediately upon landing on your website, they’re gone before even finding out what your offer is. The initial decision to hear you out or not is often made in less than 9 seconds and is based almost entirely on their visual first impression of your website.

Solution #1: When you show up to the market with a professionally designed, carefully crafted BrandSite, you look like a credible, serious, million dollar brand.  It’s about more than just “looking good” though… Your BrandSite is designed in a way that helps prospects instantly connect visually and emotionally to what your offer will do for them, which is ultimately what wins the first impression battle for you and earns you the opportunity to present your offer.

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Problem #2: Getting their attention won’t do you any good if the copy you then use to make your offer is confusing and doesn’t effectively communicate the value of what you offer.

Solution #2: Your BrandSite comes with access to a proven, high converting copy framework that guides you through the process of creating copy for your website that will keep prospects engaged and clearly demonstrate what you’re offering and why they should get it.

Problem #3: Even with amazing copy the fact of the matter is that the majority of your site visitors don’t buy on their first visit. If your website doesn’t effectively talk with your CRM (Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Drip, etc), those visitors that didn’t buy are lost forever and you’re going to have a hard time growing.

Solution #3: When we set up your BrandSite we fully integrate it with your CRM so you can run automated campaigns from your site to nurture relationships with those visitors and bring them back to your site when they’re ready. We will even implement a proven automation campaign inside your Infusionsoft account and connect it to your BrandSite for you.

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Problem #4: Problems 1-3 above are why the big brands invest tens of thousands of dollars up front to have amazing sites created. But small businesses generally don’t have the big budgets to invest up front in custom design, professional copywriters, and expensive integration services like the big brands do.

Solution #4: We have packaged our BrandSite offer in a way that you get everything you need to show up to your market like a million dollar brand with a professionally designed site, high converting copy, and full CRM integration, but without making a huge up front investment. In fact, we’ve made it so you can pay a small monthly or annual fee that any small business can afford with $0 upfront at all.

In conclusion, There is several problems your small business can face when creating a website. Our best advice is to use our service here at BrandSites and get your website built the right way on your first try.  Prevent yourself from hitting all the classic problems small business face by having your website created by BrandSites!

All of us here at Brandsites would love to see your company succed in. the digital world. If you have website development needs for your business schedule a FREE appointment today using this calendar to your right to talk about you company’s needs.

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